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Khalsa Aid is Proving Humanity is Above All by tirelessly serving Rohingya Refugees – Jammu Voice

Meet Khalsa Aid, a UK-based international NGO, which is currently helping refugees fleeing Myanmar. While the world lauded their efforts in helping Rohingya Muslims, they soon came under fire for being biased. Khalsa Aid has been working relentlessly at the Bangladesh border to help out Rohingya refugees with food and water. …

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Opinion | Child Labour Is A Huge Loss To The Nation – Jammu Voice

By Haris Rashid In a discussion on child labour in class, our teacher told us about the various schemes and laws that try to eliminate this menace from our society. But unfortunately, we still see a large number of children working. This is their childhood – and at this age, …

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The Best Break-Up Of My Life Was With The Cigarette – Jammu Voice

By Shahamat Hussain It took me four years to realise that it was bad for my health and a further two years of smoking in guilt to quit. Every time I walked out of the office to smoke, I felt depressed – but corporate life is no different either. I …

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“Lifelines : do we know them” | Jammu Voice

From those who are the pure witness of Her chronicle to those who are Her younger descendents, the love and dedication for the royal motherland remained intact or say, went stronger with time and era. Sacrifices in the name of Her was more than a holy ritual back then and …

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Can schools create the next Ronaldo or Kohli?

FATIMA AGARKAR  Jobs, these days, are not as technical as they used to be. There are, in fact, more non-traditional career options, which are merging as sustainable career choices. Twenty first century learning demands the development and nurturing of skills, attitudes and profiles that are beyond the textbook protocols. And …

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Let ‘Hindustaniyat’ triumph over imported terror in Kashmir – Jammu Voice

The darkest hour is just before the dawn, or so goes the saying. Even today, amid all the bloodshed in Kashmir, some people are hoping for a ray of light. They are not wrong. Let me begin by talking about Sandeep Sharma, aka Aadil. Born in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, Sandeep …

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Tag Every Rahul/Ankit/Sameer You Know. They Need To Read This

By  Chaitanya Sethi  One of the most baffling trends has taken over Facebook in recent times. The not-so-funny, insensitive or downright nasty memes asking people to tag the ‘Rahuls’, ‘Ankits’, ‘Sameers’ (among others) in posts carrying pictures of women who perhaps don’t fit the ideal image of a photoshopped model on Vogue. …

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A Mission To Save Our Langauges

By Ayushman Jamwal Nelson Mandela once said, “You talk to someone in the language they understand, the message goes to their head. You speak to anyone in their language, the message goes to their heart.” The languages of Jammu and Kashmir are rich in history. Dogri, Kashmiri and Bodhi culture …

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