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The Controversy over FTII appointment – Jammu Voice

By Sumit Kr After the announcement of veteran actor Anupam Kher as the new head of FTII, Pune, there has been a vicious attempt by some sections of people to malign and discredit Anupam Kher. He has been accused of supporting the Narendra Modi government, which according to them discredits …

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Political Violence – Jammu Voice

By Sumit Kr In a democracy, violence is unacceptable. If violence becomes a legitimate tool in a democratic society to crush dissent and disagreement, it turns into a mobocracy. It results in civil unrest, political intolerance and organized friction. It creates fear and discourages people from entering the political battle. …

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Mahatma- The Ideas and Ideals – Jammu Voice

By Sumit Kr Tomorrow is Mahatma Gandhi’s 148’th birth anniversary. When one talks about Gandhi, it is not an individual that is represented but rather an idea, that has many shades colored within itself. As India completes her 70’th freedom anniversary, it becomes pertinent to assess and decode the ideas of …

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Khalsa Aid is Proving Humanity is Above All by tirelessly serving Rohingya Refugees – Jammu Voice

Meet Khalsa Aid, a UK-based international NGO, which is currently helping refugees fleeing Myanmar. While the world lauded their efforts in helping Rohingya Muslims, they soon came under fire for being biased. Khalsa Aid has been working relentlessly at the Bangladesh border to help out Rohingya refugees with food and water. …

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Rohingyas : The Crisis of Identity – Jammu Voice

By Satish Sharma Declared as a ‘stateless entity’ by the country they call home, rejected by others, the Rohingyas are living in despair and desolation. Virtually stateless, they’ve been fleeing Myanmar, seeking refuge wherever destiny takes them. In recent years, tens of thousands of Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh and …

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Opinion | Child Labour Is A Huge Loss To The Nation – Jammu Voice

By Haris Rashid In a discussion on child labour in class, our teacher told us about the various schemes and laws that try to eliminate this menace from our society. But unfortunately, we still see a large number of children working. This is their childhood – and at this age, …

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The Best Break-Up Of My Life Was With The Cigarette – Jammu Voice

By Shahamat Hussain It took me four years to realise that it was bad for my health and a further two years of smoking in guilt to quit. Every time I walked out of the office to smoke, I felt depressed – but corporate life is no different either. I …

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Apple Revealed iPhone X – Affordable Price ,No Home button & Wireless charging – See all features

Technology :- Ten years after the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has revealed the iPhone X. It has no home button, scans your face to log you in and costs $999. The company unveiled the anniversary edition smartphone, alongside an iPhone 8 and its bigger sibling, the iPhone 8 …

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Elysium Net Solution conducts a guest lecture at GCW, Gandhi Nagar on Empowering Women with Technology – Jammu Voice News

Jammu:- As an initiative taken by a Jammu based company Elysium Net Solution to promote Women Empowerment and Internet Education among students, a session was conducted today at Govt. Women’s College, Gandhi Nagar. Arush Mahajan, CEO & Founder of Elysium Net solution and Co- Founder of INRDeals along with Jasleen …

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