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Aqib Shah invites youth, journalists and lawyers to join the party cadre.

Founding President of Independent People’s Party Aqib Shah has invited the
youth fraternity, electronic and print-media journalists and members of the bar
to join the party cadre. In an official statement, Shah stated that I.P.P calls for
competitive politics and people from these spheres can be highly instrumental in
that regard. Every citizen of this country, whatever or whoever he/she may be, is
a part of Indian politics. Today’s politics however, craves an era where nothing
but merit prevails. This is high time we walked the talk. This is high time politics
be detached from all sorts of communal, caste-based and region-centric prefixes
and suffixes. This is high time we realised that this, is high time. True leaders
never divide to rule, they unite to lead. IPP advocates political dynamism. We
must talk and preach Gandhi but we must also act Bhagat Singh, for the time has
come. We must ensure that self-proclaimed custodians of Hindus, Muslims,
Dalits and others are exposed before it’s too late, he added. No community in this
country is a particular party’s monopoly or ancestral estate. We are all one and
we all must say it loud, loud enough for the world to hear. IPP’s state-wide
membership drive is about to start and we assure that we will reach out to each
and every citizen/stake-holder of our state, Shah said. I request the masses to
always feel free and take pride in contacting us whenever they wish to on the
following numbers, 7006981418, 9086823441. You can also call and inform us if
you come across any act of human-rights violation, corruption ,abuse of power or
sexual harassment in any government or private establishment. We will ensure that the culprits are brought to book, he said.

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