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CF Chenab circle inspect forests compartments in Doda


DODA,MARMATH, DEC 27 :-After assuming the chair ,CF Chenab circle Doda ,T B Singh today inspected various forest compartments and check posts of Marmath range of Doda forest division and also interacted with employees and directed officers of Forest Department to keep check on smugglers and further tighten the noose around environment and ecological violators across Chenab belt . CF was accompanied with various senior officers of the department . At many places he also resolved some problems of the locals on the spot by passing instructions to the officers accompanying him. While comparing tree and gold, he said that the worth of a tree should be considered more than that of gold which is always taken care of and kept in custody. He cited the examples of many trees- borne areas which are very suitable for living from health point of view.“If there are trees, there will be no pollution, no diseases and no disturbance in weather”, T B Singh said, adding that existence of life is very much dependent on the plants and trees.While passing instructions to the concerned officers, he emphasized for planting more trees in the forests and also asked the officers for devising innovative techniques to prevent the erosion and loss of forest soil besides constructing check dams and plantation of soil binder plants.He also asked them to immediately start plantation drive in degraded forest areas of their respective jurisdictions.”I will personally monitor the plantation drive ,” he said.CF also urged officials to liaise with the public for launching massive plantation drive across the Chenab region. He said that public participation is vital for preservation of environment.“We have to make sure that all the smugglers and violators are taken to the task. This should set an example for the others before they think of violating the Forest Act ,” he said.He said the department will act tough against the people involved in smuggling and stated that if any official of the department was found involved in facilitating smuggling he/she will be dealt strictly .