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Basant Rath:The super Cop


By Hamid Hashmi

I love him ,You love him, everybody loves him.Because his working style is flamboyant, working capacity is excellent, his Obligation to duty is tremendous,whose personality is charismatic.Infact miraculous and his style alive with pleasant surprises.

Oh people give him the time.He had worked.He will work.See his dedication. Duty, duty and duty .He had made change, he will make change.Obey traffic rules, work in collaboration. Accept his plea.I need safety you need safety.Everyone needs safety.Purchase a helmet,wear helmet.Wear for your dear one’s.Don’t park wrong, wear seat belts, don’t receive phone calls while on driving.Make yourself proud, make him proud.Don’t make mess of his presence.He feel bad, I feel bad, everybody feels bad.

Oh people don’t hurt him. Don’t utter bad words. He feel bad, I feel bad, everybody feels bad.See his pure heart, full of virtues, see his untiring efforts, see his helping hands to needy one’s.

See the traffic cops, working day and night. They feel proud, in managing traffic, performing their duties honestly. It is only because of him.See the change, feel the change.No jams, no overloading and no music.Helmet, helmet and helmets, everywhere on roads.

Oh government, give him the time to work.You want work, I want work and everybody want’s work. His success is our success. His success is your success.That’s the whole story.Accept the Voice of pure heart.Make him feel proud.

The author is a Student Of The Law School, University Of Jammu.

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