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By Dr. Milan Chauhan

Triphala is an Ayurvedic herbal formula composed of the power of three drugs
amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki, triphala provides a scraping action on the colon
Its high Antioxidants & vitamin c rich also balances blood sugar levels. It’s said to
dispel both fear and anger from the body and protect the body against cancer.
The word ‘Phala’ in Sanskrit means fruit is the essence of the tree itself and these
three fruits having different healing properties in part due to its 5 different taste.
There are very few herbs in Ayurveda which include all 5 different tastes (sweet,
sour, salty, bitter and pungent). The more concentrated the taste, the more effective
and broad spectrum formula for balancing and board spectrum formula for balancing
the Tridoshas:-
Role of three fruit on Tridosha
Haritaki : Is good for vata dosha
Vibhitaki : Is good for kaphadosha
Amalaki : Is food for pitta dosha
Amalaki is beneficial for the heart health
Haritaki is beneficial for liver health &
Vibhitaki is more warming or heating
Good tonic for brain.

– Amalaki is the only cooling potency, useful for pitta dosha
– Haritaki & Vibhitaki are more warming and heating tonics useful for vata &
kapha dosha.
Top 10 Benefits of Triphala:-
 Powerful detoxifier
 Mild laxative
 Increases digestion
 Aids in weight loss and management
 Immune boosting anti oxidants
 Cellular rejuvenator
 Increase blood circulation
 Improves the complexion
 Anti cancerous properties

 Stabilizes Blood sugar level
 Anti inflammatory property
 Antiageing quality

Amalaki Fruit : Emblica officinalis
– Considered to be fruit of immortality. Amlaki is Amrita, the vital nectar or
essence of the universe. It’s a patent rasayana, antiaging, free radical
scavenging and antioxidant. It’s a stable form of Vitamin-C which is supported
by the ascorbates which help prevent Vitamin-C loss.
Since Amalaki is healing for ulcers, hyperacidity, inflammation and burning
– Its best for healing pitta Dosha in Body & thus, regulates the jataragni (Agni)
or Metabolic fire without harming GIT track.
– Amalaki is one of the best herb to reduce anger since the pitta shamaka
(reduces pitta) cause for agni pradipkar (increase agni) leading to increase in
anger as well.
– Its very good for diabetes, bleeding tendencies, unwanted bleeding from
nose, rectum or in case menstrual bleeding.
– Since its having rasyana quality so act as an good immuno modulator.
– It proved to be best detoxification for liver commonly used for gall bladder
– Since it regulates blood sugar and the secretion of insulin so, its beneficial for
presenting pancreas and regulating insulin resistance.
– Triphala is sattvic and has purifying enlightening effect on the mind.
– It is been said that they are fruit of immorality, they will allow you to rise about
the fear of death, dying decaying and degeneration.
– They make human brain and body fearless and connect you with a greater
field of awareness and spirituality and consciousness.
Haritaki fruit (Terminalia Chebula)
Another name of the fruit is “Abhaya” which means fearless. It dispels the fear of
death, dying and disease, we can also find photo, of Buddha. Mediating with the
fruit of Haritaki in his hands and that is called as Medicine Buddha. As it pacifies the
raised Vata Dosha.
Even though it is heating in potency it is called as Versatile rasayana. Its good for
cleansing Haritaki, detoxification only and rejuvenation go hand and hand.
Vibhitaki fruit (Terminalia Bellirica)
– Its best homeostatic meaning that it helps to regulate the internal environment
(especially circulation of pure blood in the body), Acharaya Charaka calls
vibhitaki Netre hitam, meaning it is beneficial for the eyes and it cleanses
Rasa (Plasma), Rakta (blood), mamsa (muscular tissue) & medo dhatus
(adipose tissue) when they act dushyas (vitiated tissues) in the
pathophysiology of disease formation.

Haritaki : Vibhitaki : Amalaki is usually used in
1:1:1 ratio ; but according to body constitution the ratio can vary:-
 For vata dominant person, the ratio would be 3:1:2 warm water in morning
and normal water at night depending on type of disorder.
 For pitta dominant person, the ratio is 2:1:3 with cold water or ghee.
 For kapha dominancy, it would be 2:3:1 with warm water and honey
 Triphala lkurna taken in
1. In weight loss warm water
2. In cough honey
3. In eyes problems with honey
4. In common cold with Trikatu power
5. In hair fall with honey
6. General tonic or as a rasayana with milk


Triphala contains many biological compounds It mainly consist of tennins, gallic
acid, chebulagic acid and chebulinic acid. The vitamin-C content in triphala is also
very high. Vitamin-C content and chebulagic acid in Tirphala exert strong antioxidant
Therapeutic indications:
1. Laxative
2. Mild antacid
3. Anti Gout.
4. Anti hypertensive
5. Weight loss
6. Constipation /flatulence
7. Abdominal distension
8. Pyorrhea
9. Anemia
10. Asthma
11. Cough
12. Male infertility due to pus in seminal fluid
13. Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic (mild)
14. Anti Cancer
15. Carminative
16. Digestive stimulant
17. Fat burner
18. Hypoglycemic
19. Immuno modulator
20. Adaptogenic


Ayurveda has unique principle for using Triphala Churna in different body
constitution according to the Dosha Prakriti it is to be taken.
Vata dominant – Pitta dominant – Kapha
Body type body type body type
Amla -2 parts Amla-3 parts Amla -1 parts
Vibhitaki – 1 parts Vibhitaki – 1 parts Vibhitaki -3 parts
Haritaki – 3 parts Haritaki – 2 parts Haritaki-2 parts
Dosage & Administration according To age
Infants upto (6 months) – Generally not recommended
Infants upto (6-12 months) – 500 mg –1 gm
Toddler Age (1-3 yrs) – 750 mg – 1.5 gms
Preschoolers (5-12grs) – 100 mg-2 gm
Grade-schoolers (5-12 yrs) – 1500 mg-3 gm
Teenager (13-19 yrs) – 2 gm-4 gm
Adult (19 to 60 yrs) – 3 gms – 6 gm
Adult (about 60 yrs) – 4 gms – 7 gm
& Old
Pregnancy – Not Recommended
Lactation – 3 gms – 6 gms
 Fast or Dieting
 Severe weight too
 Malnutrition
 Abdominal tenderness
 Heart burn
 Hyperacidity
 Gastric ulcers
 Dryness of skin
 Loose stools
 Abdominal pain /cramps
 Severe Diarrhea
 Stomach upset


1. Triphala Rasayana
It’s the formulation usually prepared by mixing equal quantity of madhuka
(madhu tree) Tavakshir (East Indian Arrowroot) Pippali (long pepper),
Saindhava, (long salt), each one of the Loha (iron), suvarna (Gold), vacha
(Acorus Calamus) with either honey, ghee or sugar.
 Stimulus the ojas
 Beneficial to eyes

 Removes ama from fatty tissues (Ama is undigested food)
 Slow’s down ageing
 Helps purification of Urinary Tract
 Enhances digestive fire.
 Beneficial for people who are overweight
 Beneficial in case of skin inflammation, heat, infection, obesity, fatigue and
Triphala Guggul-
Ingredients: Haritaki, vibhitaki, amalaki shuddh guggulu
The guggulu is in the form of tablet

Benefits: Anti aging

– Cures constipation from the root
– Reduces cholesterol levels.
– Relieves Renal Stone Pains.
– Heals anal fissure, anal fistula and pile mass
– Excellent blood cleanser
– Works as a natural antibiotic
Triphala tail:- Balances vata, pitta and kapha
Ingredients :- Haritaki, vibhitaki, amla, amrutanalli, ketaki, asanaka, bala,
eranda and indravalli, aranda, kshreea cow milk, kushta,
padmaka, usheera, rakta chandana, musta, ela, patra, mamsi,
sariva, lauanga and anjana.

Benefits:- -Used to treat split hairs, grey hairs, improves hair strength

-Its useful in relieving headache, sinusitis, rhinitis
-Diseases pertaining to neck, eyes, ear and throat

Application- BD or at bed time daily.

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Amid Chorus for Federal Probe Into Kathua Rape, a Look at CBI’s Track Record in J&K



Family members of those accused in the rape and murder of an eight-year-old in Jammu’s Kathua have been sitting on a protest since their arrest, demanding an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation. Their contention is that the current probe by the state police’s Crime Branch is “biased”. Members of the lawyers’ body in Kathua too has demanded the same. As demand swells for a CBI probe, News18 takes a look at the federal agency’s track record in Jammu and Kashmir.

Shopian Double Rape and Murder

On May 30, 2009, the lifeless bodies of a 17-year-old and her 22-year-old sister-in-law were discovered near the shallow Rambi Ara stream in Shopian, south Kashmir. The two had gone to work on their small orchard across the Rambi Ara the previous day.

On the orders of the district magistrate, a three-member team of doctors was called in from nearby Pulwama district to conduct an autopsy. The team confirmed that both women had been raped. A report issued by the Forensic Science Lab Srinagar also confirmed the rape and murder on June 6, 2009. The family alleged that the women were raped and killed by Indian army men.

After a massive public outrage, the state government handed over the investigation to CBI. However, the agency gave a clean chit to five police officials who had earlier been indicted by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the state police that had probed the case earlier.

The CBI attributed the cause of the teen’s death to “asphyxia as a result of ante-mortem drowning” in a stream and said the injuries on her head were “simple in nature, not sufficient to cause death”. In the case of the 22-year-old, the charge-sheet said there were “no ante-mortem injuries” and death was a result of drowning by “asphyxia”.

Pathribal Fake Encounter

In 2003, the CBI took over investigation into the killing of five civilians by Army allegedly in a staged gunfight. The army had picked up the civilians from their homes, killed them and mutilated their bodies beyond recognition before labeling them as Pakistani militants responsible for massacre of 36 Sikhs at Chittisinghpora in 2000.

The CBI in its charge sheet stated that following the killing of Sikhs in Chittisinghpora, the army unit based in the area was under “tremendous psychological pressure” to show results. The CBI indicted personnel of 7 Rashtriya Rifles camped at Shangus in the fake encounter.

The CBI had said the army personnel entered into a criminal conspiracy to pick up some innocent persons and staged an encounter.

The Supreme Court on May 1, 2012 gave the army eight weeks to decide whether the accused should be tried by a regular criminal court or face a court-martial.

On June 29, 2012, the army opted for Court of Inquiry to try the five accused. However, on January 23, 2014, army the closed the case saying the evidence recorded couldn’t establish prima facie case against any of the accused.

The families, in April 2016, filed a writ petition in the High Court, seeking re-opening of the case and re-conducting the trial of all the accused in a criminal court. The writ was dismissed.

Later, the families filed the same writ in the Supreme Court, which on August 17 last year issued notice to the Government of India, army and the CBI, rekindling hope among the families of the victims.

The Supreme Court, however, in August 2017, gave a glimmer of hope to the kin of five villagers killed by the army by admitting a plea challenging a Jammu and Kashmir High Court verdict that upheld the Army’s decision to close proceedings against five soldiers involved.

2006 Srinagar Sex Scandal

The CBI had also investigated the infamous 2006 sex scandal in which two ministers, top police officers and several influential people were among those named as accused. They were charged under various sections of the Ranbir Penal Code, the criminal code applicable in the states, including under Section 376 for the rape of a 15-year-old girl.

The other charges included procurement of girls, intimidation of witnesses and wrongful confinement of the victims.

The trial of the 14 accused was shifted from Srinagar to a Chandigarh CBI court on orders of the Supreme Court.

The court acquitted most of the accused and the CBI drew criticism for not following the case meticulously.

In February this year, a woman who was allegedly involved in the sex scandal claimed that the CBI had forced her to change her testimony.

Interestingly, the name of then J&K CM Omar Abdullah had also surfaced in the case, which led to him resigning from the post in July 2009. The governor had eventually rejected his resignation.

Killing of 4 IAF officers in 1990

The CBI also probed the killing of four Indian Air Force personnel on the outskirts of Srinagar on January 25, 1990.

According to an FIR registered in Police Station Sadder, unidentified militants fired upon Air Force employees living as tenants in Rawalpora, Srinagar on January 25, 1990. In the indiscriminate firing, 40 employees, including a woman, were injured, and two died on the spot. The assailants escaped from the spot.

The CBI took up the investigation on the basis of a state government notification in 1990 and a charge-sheet was filed on August 31, 1990 under Section 120-B read with Section 302 of the RPC, Section 3 and 4 of TADA and Section 27 of Arms Act in the court of 3rd Additional Sessions Judge (TADA case Jammu) against the accused persons.

During the course of trial, a transfer application was filed by the accused, which was rejected after which they approached the High Court in Srinagar to transfer the case. The High Court stayed the proceedings of the trial court. For now, the court at Srinagar is hearing the transfer appeal.

The CBI identified JKLF leaders Mohammad Yaseen Malik, Manzoor Ahmed Sofi, Javed Ahmed Mir, Showkat Ahmed Bakshi, Javed Ahmed Zargar and Ali Muhammad Mir, as accused in the case.

Now, the CBI is seeking transfer of the case to Jammu wing of the High Court.

The Mehran Lateef Case

On May 13, 2008, Mehran Lateef Mir, a three-year-old boy, returned home from the school and in the afternoon stepped out of his home to buy sweets from a local shop. That was the last time his mother saw him.

Following High Court directions, the CBI on February 6, 2014 took over investigation in the case.

After relentless investigations that continued for over two years, the CBI found no clues about Mehran’s whereabouts. The case was closed after a city court accepted CBI’s closure report to the effect.

Ten years have passed since with no news of Mehran.

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J&K govt to probe audio clip on Kathua rape-and-murder case



The Jammu and Kashmir government has forwarded to probe agencies an audio clip in which two people are heard discussing how money was collected purportedly in the name of the eight-year-old Kathua rape-and-murder victim but never reached her family. In the audio clip, which has gone viral on social media, the two can be heard discussing that a huge sum of money was collected in the name of the victim but that her family did not get it.

The discussion in the audio clip also suggests that a fight has already begun among the people who helped collect funds in the name of the girl. “I have heard the audio clip. When this clip came to me, I forwarded it to agencies for probing it,” Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh told reporters here. He also said the “heinous and barbaric” nature of the killing of the girl that rattled entire country must be deeply probed in all its aspects.

“Those who have done it must be punished severely.” “It is sad what has happened with the girl. No human being can do such an act. It is heinous. It is unfortunate that such an incident has been given communal colour. Court has taken cognizance of it (reports by media). I condemn the attempt to polarize the incident. it should not have happened,” Singh said. He said the episode gave bad name not only to Jammu and Kashmir but to the entire country. Now the case is with the court and the government will act on the directions of the court.

A thorough investigation should be done. Action will definitely be taken, he said. The Deputy CM also said if the court directs for a CBI probe, the J&K government will act accordingly. “The girl should get justice and if anybody feels the probe has been biased they can go to the court and put forth their side,” he said. Asked about a girl from Kulgam (Kashmir) alleging sexual exploitation by a politician, he said, “it has been brought to my notice now and I will verify it. Whosoever is the girl or the politician, justice will be done”.

He said the Congress would play “disruptive politics” in Jammu and Kashmir in coming months and asked people to be cautious of its conspiracies. The way the Congress played politics (over the Kathua case), it is an example of divisive politics of the party.

A right-hand man of (Congress leader) Ghulam Nabi Azad was leading an agitation in Jammu and at the same time they were part of the candlelight march,” Singh said, alluding to Jammu High Court Bar Association President B S Salathia.

Salathia has worked as the chief electoral agent of Ghulam Nabi Azad during the 2014 general elections, which Azad lost.


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Cow Shed Scam: MLA permits used pipes instead of fresh material



An apparent scam has surfaced in Akhnoor block of Jammu district, wherein local legislator of ruling BJP has reportedly permitted ‘used and old’ pipes for the construction of cow shed, instead of fresh material, for which the funds already stand sanctioned.
According to sources, the construction work of Cow Shed was started in February this year, wherein the local MLA authorised the executing agency to get pipes from Public Health Engineering Department, which were already used by the PHE department.
“The MLA had instructed the executing agency to get used pipes from the PHE department, probably free of cost, for installation of tin roof,” said sources, adding that the pipes taken from PHE department were already used.
If sources are to be believed, some of the pipes borrowed from PHE department were rusted, but to give them new look, the executing agency under the patronage of MLA, got them painted.
“The pipes have been taken from the go down of the PHE department without any official auction of the material,” said sources, adding that same pipes are also lying in the godown of the PHE department Akhnoor.
However, a social activist also lodged a telephonic complaint in this regard with Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Akhnoor.

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Amid Chorus for Federal Probe Into Kathua Rape, a Look at CBI’s Track Record in J&K

Family members of those accused in the rape and murder of an eight-year-old in Jammu’s Kathua have been sitting on...

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Cow Shed Scam: MLA permits used pipes instead of fresh material

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Rape case was wrongly projected, claims Dy CM

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Amitabh Bachchan reacts to ‘disgusting’ Kathua rape case

Expressing his disgust at the gruesome Kathua rape case, legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan has said he feels terrible to even...

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Kathua case: CM praises Jammu residents for upholding amity, brotherhood

JAMMU: Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has praised the people of Jammu for upholding harmony and amity despite provocations and for...

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Have faith in judiciary, let it take call on CBI investigation: Farooq

National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday asked the groups seeking a CBI probe into the Kathua rape-murder case...

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There’s something wrong with the society: Mehbooba Mufti on Kathua rape case

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday condemned the Kathua gangrape and murder of an eight-year-old girl and...

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Media houses apologise for revealing Kathua victim’s identity

Media houses on Wednesday apologised before the Delhi High Court and were directed to pay Rs 10 lakh each to...

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Army man joins Hizbul Mujahideen: JK police officials

An Army man who had gone missing from south Kashmir earlier this month has joined the Hizbul Mujahideen terror group,...




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