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Meet The Ladakh’s Oxygen Man


Vicki Niaz. Entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. His investments are diverse: Ladakh Oxygen Plant, Oxygen rental, Light Weight Aluminium cylinders distributor, serving to Tourist, Hotels, travel agents, Army, corporate”, IT Himalaya “IT solution provider company”, Bisleri added mineral packaged water bottle Super stockist, … and much more.

Vicki Niaz started his oxygen plant in 2010 for testing and did R&D on various aspects of running such heavy machinery in high altitude is not easy job,after successfully testing high pressure filling he started filling oxygen Industrial cylinders and Medical oxygen cylinders but he was missing something very badly main reason to open up oxygen plant in Ladakh was for tourist who gets sick due to High Altitude sickness such as AMS Acute Mountain Sickness due to low oxygen in the air and Leh,Ladakh is Situated at the High Altitude starting from 4000 mts to 16000 mts so he needed lightweight aluminum oxygen cylinders which can be carried easily so he found Luxfer brand India Assembled lightweight aluminium oxygen cylinders which he introduced it to the region as being exclusive distributor he started selling and renting out cylinders on daily basis to tourist as it added income to taxi owners, travel agents, hotels and guest houses around Leh.
Till now he has sold as many as hundreds of cylinders to various sectors such as taxi drivers, hotels, travel agents, guest houses, hostels and they refill their empty cylinders at his plant,he has two main retails outlet in Leh one is at Pologround and 2nd is at old road opp Hotel Shangrila Ladakh.
Vicki Niaz become dual sponsor for prestigious Mega Event Ladakh Marathon 2017 for sponsoring Bisleri packaged water as Hydrant Partner & Oxygen Partner for the event.

Vicki Niaz is providing oxygen cylinders to the poor families who can’t afford expensive cylinders, at very low cost and even free to many families around Ladakh, oxygen which is in high demand for many elder people of Ladakh he added.
True philanthropy requires a disruptive mindset, innovative thinking and a philosophy driven by entrepreneurial insights and creative opportunities. And Vicki is no exception to the rule.
More info: ladakhoxygen.com