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Take a Citizen’s Resolution: Make the Roads Safe!


JV Exclusive By – Ritika Manhas

As much as a resolution for self improvement is important taking a resolution towards making our city better together won’t hurt anyone either! We at Jammu Voice wish to bring forward the issue of poor traffic management in the city and how it is one of many issues that needs attention from the Authorities at the earliest possible but first as responsible citizens, let’s do our part?

Data shows a constant increase in the number of road accidents every year, they undoubtedly claim more lives than militancy in J&K. Those riding a two- wheeler are more at risk compared to the four- wheelers. Majority of these are people in the age group of 16-35 who are either studying or earning for their families. Loss of these lives can cause havoc in the families who are dependent on them.

The city faces issues of over speeding, riding without helmets, driving without license, drink and drive, under age driving and many other typical examples you might have seen around yourself. Following traffic rules isn’t very hard, a seat belt/ helmet can surely save your life if an accident occurs and you won’t be able to thank it enough then. When you are all set with the safety measures and license on your part, we can now go and complain to the Traffic Police.

Our city needs more Traffic Lights now than ever before, with new vehicles coming on the road every month and heavy movement been observed on daily basis, it is the need of the hour. We also require proper checks at areas where heavy duty vehicles move along with light vehicles and areas that are observed to have lots of traffic.

With all the facts and causes laid right in front of you, here’s a humble request we wish to make, please do not play with the precious life that you are and of those around you. Let’s pledge to make our city better by making small changes. Wishing you a safe year ahead, Jai Hind!