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J&K Govt. amending Rules of Conduct for Employees


By Ritika Manhas

The latest change in rules of conduct by the J&K Government has barred its employees from airing political views on their personal social media accounts. It states that no employee shall engage in any criminal, dishonest, immoral or notoriously disgraceful conduct on social media which shall be prejudicial to the government.

At first, it looks like an attack on the employees “Freedom to Speech” as Social media platforms provide its users with a platform to freely express their opinions on various events taking place in the world be it in the field of education, medicine, politics, technology and others. Barring them from expressing views on political events seems like putting limits on their horizons. Although expressing too much can turn out as offensive to others.

As a government employee you are the representative of your institution, expressing a political opinion can be thought of as the institution’s direct take on it. Considering the political situation of J&K being quite volatile barring its employees from airing any political views seems like a fair step by the government for not being held responsible for endorsing or supporting any individual’s opinions.

With hundreds of citizens working for the J&K Government this amendment looks like a step towards maintaining harmony amongst the organization’s employees by avoiding division based on different views and promotes positive workplace environment ruling out chances of unnecessary workplace violence.

[DISCLAIMER: These are the writer’s personal views and not intent to be offensive.]

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