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Editorial/These Pictures will restore your faith on Humanity


By Waqar wani:

In a world where generally people race to acquire money and riches by any means; there still are people who help and care without wanting anything in exchange. Below are some pictures which will restore your faith in humanity….

  1. Look at that heartwarming smile on this 10-year-old terminally ill kid’s face. It was his wish to become a police officer so the Hyderabad police commissioner and Make A Wish foundation helped his wish come true for a day.
  2. A group of people helped this girl, a sex worker’s daughter, to go to the US by crowdfunding her course of playing drums. A dream come true!
  3. This truly defines ‘the real meaning of education’. If a picture speaks one thousand words, this one speaks one million words.
  4. The kindness of two strangers, who fed homeless people who could not feed themselves.
  5. Dashrath Manjhi cut through a mountain single handed for 22 years, day and night, to ensure no one dies from not being able to access medical care like his wife did. He reduced the distance from 70 km to 1 km from his village to the hospital.
  6. Humanity is under the roof..
  7. Human successfully saving humanity..
  8. This Afghan man who offered tea to a soldier
  9. Homeless boy shares his food with a stray dog.
  10. This man took around fourteen to fifteen poor kids to McDonald’s with his first salary and had a happy meal with them. What a kindness!