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Editorial | Modinomics – Jammu Voice



By Sumit Kr

Last week, Moody’s upgraded India’s sovereign bond rating after a long thirteen years. It cited the reform measures that has been taken and the reforms that are in pipeline. It praised the initiatives like Demonetization and G.S.T and asked the government to continue with it’s reform ideas. The rise in credit rating, comes at a time, when the World Bank, in it’s recently released index of the Ease of Doing Business laddered up India’s ranking by 30 points testifying the fundamental changes that the Indian Economy is witnessing. Economy is a highly complicated issue. The more you understand it, the more it gets complicated. There is no doubt that disagreements and dissent have grown regarding the position of Indian Economy, in a general debatable perception, but one thing that holds together all this talk is the idea of reforms.

Demonetization, one could argue, was an absolute failure. Loss of jobs, reverse migration, decrease in demand, lump in growth, massive inconvenience, and other tangible and intangible damages to the economy, could be argued from the pessimist side. Transfer of money from the rich to poor, the increase in the base of taxation, the closure of shell companies that were running illegally and being used to hoard loads of black money, cleansing of the parallel cash economy, junking of the duplicate currency, massive surrender of naxalites at the end of last year, increase in cashless transaction, or at least, a rise in awareness and knowledge about cashless transactions could be the counterarguments that could be put forth by the optimist side. The plan and motive was good, but the implementation was shoddy could be argued from the neutral side. The decision was objective but the effects of the intent will always be subjective depending upon the perception of an individual. But, the fact remains that from a macro-economic point of view, demonetization was lauded by many, including Richard Thuller, the Nobel laureate in Economics. The Moody’s also mentioned the act of demonetization as a reformative move.

N.P.A, the menace of Indian banking system, which I often call as the Economic Ebola, as it is spreading it’s wings and rotting the economics just like Ebola does to a human body has been on a continuous rise plaguing the balance sheets of banks. N.P.A cuts down the profit of banks, reduces it’s ability to lend, creates a slowdown in the economy, downgrades the shares of banks, and make it difficult for the corporate sector to take loan. To fight this, there has been three gradual and serious attempts, which in a medium run could fetch huge dividends in the form of resolution of the stressed assets. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, that fixes a time frame, for the resolution of assets is one of the very important reforms that was needed. As the Economic Survey 2015-2016 pointed about the Chakravyuh in the corporate sector, where entering the arena was easy but difficult to exit, the I&B code offers a solution. It fixes the time limit, and calls for recruitment of special appointees, called as Insolvency and Bankruptcy professionals, to aid the process of resolution. The board is still at it’s nascent stage and it’s success would purely depend on the resolution of assets in the given time as mandated by the act. If successful, it could be one of the path breaking economic reforms, akin to the vaccine, that cures Ebola. The government has recently announced the recapitalization of the banks to the tune of 2.11 lakhs crore. This will do two things at parallel, boost growth, and allow banks to take large haircuts to deal with the N.P.A mess. The good thing is that most of the money that would be infused will come through the recapitalization bonds that will not put pressure on the fiscal target of the government.

The inflation is in control, forex reserves have soared and crossed dollar 400 billion mark, the share market have made record this year by touching an all high of 31,000, the fiscal deficit is in control and in target, and the infrastructure allocation is up to the mark. The improved credit rating is important for India as it could translate into cheap and easy loans to the country, as we need more and more resources for all sort of things. A good ranking in the Ease of doing business index will ensure a greater flow of technology and investment in India and will aid growth and employment. The Modinomics, despite some glitch has performed good and one hopes that the set of reforms taken by Mr. Modi continue to take place so that a prosperous, better, more inclusive and a robust economy can be built.



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Ayurvedic Perspective of Sleeplessness



By Dr. Milan Singh

Sleeplessness originates in More-Excess air elements

Acc. : Ayurveda


Ayrurveda holds that the human being is precipitated from a higher,
subtle consciousness, and has taken on “coursings” such as ahuman
body. It is said that 5 elements fire, water, air earth and ether makes
human body collectively all to Ayurveda.

We, will focus on the air elements qualities and actions according
to the parent science of polarity therapy. Ayurveda for treating
sleeplessness, a disturbing common disorder today.

The air element is the second in density of the 5 elements
comprising the human body, mind and consciousness. Prana (life force)
expressed as the air elements govern’s movement (rajas guna) and
agents of movement such as the human nervous system, sensory
systems, respiratory system, structural system, peristalsis, association,
choice and ascension.

It characteristics qualities are dry, light, cold, mobile, subtle and
changeable. Its main sites are the calan, joints, skin, ear canals,CNS

and “marna” points. Here begins the daily journey of winding down into
sound, restorative sleep.

The air, element also maintains auric field and negative electrically
charged polarities and its chakra and meridian movements. There
begins the journey of reining in the mind each evening. The mental
channels are under the jurisdiction of their owner who can develop life
affirming habits.

The air element, when balanced and in its right places, functions
to govern timing such as coordination of digestive values opening and
closing, blinking, maintainable and endocrine order, cellular
communications and cosmic awareness. When imbalanced, subjective
signs such as gasses, sleeplessness, joint popping , sensory
impairment, constipation, vertigo, auditory delusions, anorexia,
forgetfulness, fears or treamors can develop.


The air element expresses in 5 element system and pathways in
human life.

Prana (inspiration, assimilation, sensory communication), Vetana
expiration, speech, motor communications), Samana (abdominal

digestive oscillation), Apana (pelvic elimination, stabilization grounding
etc. and vyana (cordial, lymphatic and thermal circulation)

For example, sleeplessness calls for downward moving
protocols while respiratory diseases such as Asthma, bronchitis,
pneumonia, copal etc. involve more upward or Udana. Related


Marma points are thought of in Ayurveda as doorways to the
higher consciousness, awareness of these doorways helps awaken
insight into the ones symptoms causative factors. Through still point
contacts, prana is invited to restore its natural balance by experiencing
letting go of under physical, emotional or spiritual pain. Exhalation
becomes an important pathway of wariness of choice. Retaining the
mind and body for stillness is more important for vata person, who can
become more easily influenced by sensory stimuli such line
temperature changes, sound etc.


Means to restore stability and balance to prana life, by focusing
on protocols to contact its main sites and doorway. The respiratory,
CNS, Endocrine system and facial systems are all important sites of

prana, affecting habitual subconscious inhalations of life forces. The
pulmonary grid sites of the thoracic cavity, both front and back serve as
important doorways for deepening the inhalation and exhalations.


Ancient yogic breathing practices help retain the minds pattern’s
from agitation to claimless, from self centeredness to self centeredness
easily at home, one can practice anulom-viloma, alternate nostril
breathing, making the breath deeper fuller and more silent with each
lack successful breath, leading to mastery over one’s breath and one

By remembering ones true stillness, the mind is restored one

At home, use a late afternoon tea of equal valerian, hops and
chamonails. At bedtime, about 9:30 pm in winter and 10:30 pm in
summer, take a warm bath c 1/3 cup sesame oil rinse, towel dry and
sleep deeply visually informed (piita) sleep deprivation unprocessed or
undigested visual images can build up in the grey matter and fascia,
when one’s mind is busy at midnight and moreso when the eyes are
exposed to radiation, pitta increases in the nervous system, burning the
balances of nairo –transmitter’s and harmones. By reading to fall asleep

as compared to sitting for meditation in the evening ones eyesight will
gradually weaken. Meditation gives emphasis to restoration and repair
of cells, similar to deep sleep. At home eye drops of castor oil can be
used at bedtime, it help in falling asleep quickly. Once asleep, pitta is
more likely to remain asleep.


This protocol involves systematically balancing the thoracic cvity
through the inter costal marma points horizontally and the 5 elements.
Both anterior posterior points can be balanced simultaneously for
profound restoration of function while the client relaxes prone. The
marma points Sanskrit names help activate vibrational balance
throughout the points range of structural and functional influence.
Snoring can lead to apnea, a cause and complication of prolongs
sleeplessness so one should practice daily Ujjayi Pranayam


In Ayurved and Yoga meditation is considered as the first and last
medicine for all symptoms, suffering and delusions forgetfulness of mind
get’s reduced by practicing meditation.

Sit facing eastward in the early morning and evening, ideally in the
same location, each day. The body will look forward to retain the
position in resting mode and mind to introverting, providing deep rest to
the physical and mental stresses of life.

With autogenic suggestions and re-training the mind can become
the servant it is meant to be, rather than a pseudo master, trying to steal
away over in born tranquility yes, the peace lies deeper than the
agitation of worries and anxieties so we must look deeper do meditation
and relax our mind, keep it at calmness and rest so that we can achieve
a sound sleep, longevity vigour and utility.

By Dr. Milan Singh

(Dep. Of AYUSH)

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Cover Story

‘Militants killed in encounters of Jammu & Kashmir were post-2016 recruits’



Police chief S.P. Vaid explains Shopian, Anantnag operations

All militants who were killed in multiple operations in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday joined the terrorist outfits post-2016, J&K police chief S.P. Vaid told leading National Daily The Hindu on Tuesday.

Mr. Vaid asked people from Kashmir to “introspect” whether the violence aided by Pakistan from across the border “was doing them any good.”

Thirteen militants were killed as security forces launched “coordinated,” multiple operations in Shopian and Anantnag in south Kashmir on Sunday. Three Army men lost their lives in the operations.

The Kashmir Valley saw a surge in the number of local boys joining terrorist outfits after Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) commander Burhan Wani and two others were killed in an encounter with security forces on July 8, 2016.

Pellet guns

Mr. Vaid said a large number of protesters had gathered at the encounter site and there was no way to avoid the use of pellet guns. Four civilians were killed. Scores of them are being treated in Srinagar hospitals for pellet injuries. Some were hit in the eye. Mr. Vaid said, “The mob was pelting stones at security forces at the encounter site. When militants fire indiscriminately, the bullets don’t see if they will hit an Army man or a civilian. It was an open area and tear gas shells and PAVA shells were also used, but they remained ineffective,” he said.

According to Mr. Vaid, this was the first time in many years that an operation of this scale had been launched in Shopian.

He said he hoped the operations did not impact the tourist season in the Valley. He dismissed allegations by Pakistan that “human shields” were used in Sunday’s encounters. “When has Pakistan spoken the truth? Pakistan claims to be a friend of Kashmir but all this (violence) is their doing,” he said.

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Cover Story

Lack of disposal System in Preet Nagar Jammu,Causing Indiscriminate dumping of garbage



Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

I,m a resident of Preet Nagar (Nanak Nagar Jammu).I’m writing to put forward the issue of inadequate garbage disposal in my society.There is a plot beside my home,which has became open dust bin for many people of different areas,as they come to throw their household garbage in the plot.This garbage collection has turned into garbage mountain  and breeding house for many disease causing agents.We have been suffering from years now.Our children are falling prey to many bacterial and parasitic infection and now in rainy season it becomes home to mosquitoes.Our daily life has been hampered due to this,We request the concerned authorities to kindly look into this issue.We urge Jammu Municipal Corporation to clear this garbage mountain as soon as possible.We request the authorities to set up the dustbins and start door to door collection of garbage.Since we have been complaining and pleading for the same from last many years,no one pays heed to our situation.

But Now we expect early redressal of our issue by JMC.



Yours Faithfully,

Residents of Preet Nagar,Nanak Nagar Jammu

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Army man joins Hizbul Mujahideen: JK police officials

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