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They Are Serving Themselves

By Divyansh Khajuria
Being the resident of Jammu,,
Now a days i am witnessing , what we can call a drastic change in our Jammu Region ,
The roads are being repaired , the footpath are being polished , reconstructed , and the most importantly the heap of garbages which were there in city or in Jewel area are being missing ‘one must be surprised by seeing this , but then one thing came into my mind . And that was  Secretariat has being shifted to its winter capital .
Its such a irony that , the government which should be doing work for the people , is doing work for itself .
More over,Before the move of Secretariat in Jammu , i hardly see any police man during the noon time or in morning but sometimes in evening  just because they have to do chalans .Nothing else ,they hardly care about the traffic management or any other things .
In a way its a good the people who are there to serve the people are serving them ,but when i see a broader picture its just they are serving those people ,who must be serving us and automatically “they are serving themselves “.
Being a youth, I do get offended by watching this behavior of Govt. officials including the municipal corporation ,who gets active just to please the ‘so called the people`s representatives’ , “who are there to serve us ” .
Inshort  The municipal body which is independent one and even the govt which might be serving to the people of Jammu  ,should be serving us , not themselves . The region of jammu lacks basic necessities like the problem of cleanliness , roads and the growing problem of  traffic with pollution , these are few aspects where the govt and the other concern body need to shift there focus .  But the Govt. is failing over and over ,again when the DARBAR ,which might get shifted again as soon the summer comes , again roads will remain unchecked , hence it should be 3 months practice of the authority to make the roads and the traffic under the scan , so that our state can prosper well . The public does not suffer.
With regards ,
Divanssh Khajuria
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