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Opinion | Let’s Put An END to This RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE – Jammu Voice


By Gunjot Singh

Violence in any kind is un-acceptable and is a stain on our mentality. But violence based on different beliefs, thoughts and ways to offer prayers is the most disgusting thing imaginable. How can someone kill any other person just because of the fact that he offers prayers differently to the very same God?

No matter, how un-justifiable these things may seem to you and me; but there are some so-called “RELIGIOUS EXTROVERTS” available in the shameful market of orthodox practices, who are always ready to not only justify this kind of violence but also feel very proud of themselves to do this kind of stuff.



The very first reason that seems to me is the misinterpretation of information about the beliefs and practices about other religions and sometimes the intentionally distorted facts about them by the opportunist class of India (Politicians). From the very beginning, I have been taught by the “Intellectuals” of the religion I am born into that my religion is the supreme religion and all other religions were wrong, so our religion was born to show the correct path to the mankind. But when I began to talk about people from other religions, I noticed the fact that they were also taught the same.

So, my curiosity asked me if every religion is supreme and was born to correct the mankind, and then who has been directing our very own race to the wrong path from centuries?


The only solution to this problem is to arm ourselves. You thought it wrong; I am not talking about arms and ammunition, but to arm ourselves with knowledge. What if these people, who support violence in the name of religion, had been taught about the real concepts of religion and role of religion in human life along with the principles of different religions in the world?  Would any opportunist be successful to misguide them and use them for his own political purposes by preaching hatred?

Thus, by making RELIGIOUS STUDIES a compulsory part of our primary education system we can slow down the spread of this poison in our society.

RELIGIOUS STUDIES are not a brand new concept, but it is being studied at primary level and higher level of education in countries like ENGLAND, JAPAN, and NEW ZEALAND etc. Also In Indian society it’s not a new concept. There are plenty of bachelors’ and masters courses available in educational institutions of India about religious studies but the majority people who join these courses, try to explore deep in their own religion but the requirement of time is to have a broad view of religion in general.

After all, we the residents of J&K STATE have seen much of the adverse effects of these religious conflicts than any other region in our country. Thus the intellectual class of our society should consider addition of religious studies to the primary education system so that the tender minds without any hatred should learn about the different concepts of religion, how it can help us to live peacefully and about the co-existence of different religions in this beautiful world.

– An 18 years old.



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