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Aggrieved KAS candidates hold massive protest against PSC – Jammu Voice

Students holding placards in hands while protest
Aggrieved KAS candidates while interacting with media.

A massive protest was held by KAS aspirants .The protest led by Mr Vishal Kotwal NSUI President Jammu university.He stated that PSC  has  finally come out of their self imposed deafening silence by issuing date sheet for KAS Examination 2016 . They took 8 months to declare a result and expect us to do wonders in 1 month.

The whole problem as everybody believes has been created by PSC’s carelessness. Had they taken due care before the prelims exam, the problem won’t have surfaced in the first place and exam would have certainly finished by now. Their non methodical ways of doing things and the lack of professionalism, transparency & accountability has created such a mess that it seems a distant reality to get out of the abyss.

Students holding placards in hands while protest

            It has become a norm for every JKPSC exam to get caught in multiple litigations resulting in undue delays and consequently chaos and frustration. . The only thing that aspirants want  is  postponement of  the  KAS  2016 MAINS examination as there are multiple reasons for the same ,some of which we may list here –

1. Now that PSC has declared the result of 2014 MAINS and we are quite sure that most of the students who are in the list will be writing 2016 MAINS also, it will be ideal to finish the interviews first and declare the final result in a month or so and after that conduct the exams for KAS 2016. That way 51 candidates(eventual selectees of KAS 2014) will be saved from the ordeal of writing mains again. We don’t understand the logic of putting these candidates through the tribulation of writing mains again, pertinent to mention here is the fact that if the exams happen as per PSCs  schedule there is every single chance that the eventual selectees of KAS 2014 will again find their names in the interview list of KAS 2016, which means that they will be cutting down the chances of other probables ,which will pave way for further litigation. This is a needless complication of things which can be easily avoided if the process of KAS MAINS 2014 is completed first and afterwards the KAS MAINS 2016 be completed. Moreover Those appearing for interviews will get only 7 days time to prepare, which by no means will be enough.

2.) There are 429 candidates who were expelled by PSC’s revised cut off and the court granted them interim relief by allowing them to sit in the mains examination to which PSC objected vehemently. The final decision is yet to come and the matter is still subjudice . Even if PSC allow them now they will be left with very little time to prepare . 30 days are not even enough for revision alone leave aside full preparation . Taking into consideration the time lost by them in the litigation process and the physical and the mental pain that these candidates had to go through,it will be gross injustice to them if exams are held as per schedule.This will be denial of equality of opportunity and their sitting in the exams will be no more than a formality.


        Further there is news coming up that some of the previous 429 candidates who took the matter in court through their individual lawyers were allowed to sit in KAS MAINS 2016, with out putting it in public domain it will be great injustice to those among 429 who were not able to hire lawyers for them.It will be against principle of Natural Justice & denial of equal opportunity ,further compounded by violation of article 14.

3.)One of the important reasons for postponement of mains exam is that the IAS exams conducted by UPSC are scheduled from 28th October to 3rd November. A very important and an efficient lot from the state is appearing in those exams. Since the pattern of these two exams is vastly different from each other and they will have only three days to get themselves ready for Mains examination here.

             We don’t know how can our own state Public Service Commission deny them this chance. Remembering that the same thing happened during Prelims exam 2016 when the date of prelims clashed directly with CGL Tier III  exams and many students were forced to choose between the two. In a state where opportunities are so meagre, we all expect PSC  to be more circumspect and meticulous in choosing the dates.Who knows next CCE may be happening after god knows how many years.

4. The date sheet has been issued just a month before the scheduled exams, and given that the fate of exam is still hanging in courts ,nobody had anticipated that the exams will be held at such a short notice..

Following are some observations-

1)”Rule 8 of SRO 387 does not allow Public Service Commission to resettle the result by fixing a revised cut-off mark with a retrospective effect”.

But they did it anyhow.

2)Rule 31 and Rule 33 of  J&K Public Service Commission (Conduct of Examinations) Rules 2005  prohibits re-evaluation of the answer scripts of the candidates who have appeared in J&K Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination .

But they did it too.
Antriksh Chib aspirant said that in view of these things ,we request  PSC (J&K) to  postpone and shift the exam  to a more convenient date. It will be magnanimous on their part to show to all the disgruntled aspirants who are fuming with anger that JK PSC can be considerate ,humane and rational also.the other aspirants who were present in protest are Raghav,Akshay,Mukesh,Rohit,Jagdeep,Bashir ahmed.Vikram arif ahmed ,Ajaz ahmed,gulzar jamwal ,Rahul Sharma.