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14 years old Rajouri boy develops ‘Social Networking Site’, Gives Alternate of Facebook – Jammu Voice News


Bringing laurels for Rajouri district, a teenage boy from Rajouri town, who actually hails from a village of district, has developed a ‘Social Networking Site’ and has vowed to develop more such applications aimed for public welfare.

Boy has also named this application as ‘ JamKash’ which actually means Jammu – Kashmir. The source today held a detailed interaction with this boy namely Ashfaq Mehmood son of Parvaz Ahmed resident of Loorkote Dhanwan in Rajouri and presently residing in Ward Number 15, Phalyana Rajouri. His father Parvaz Ahmed is an employee in Central Silk Board while his mother Rubina Shabnam is also a government employee and his elder brother Arshad Mehmood is pursuing Bachelor of Technology, Electrical, from Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Rajouri and elder sister Hasina Shabnam is pursuing BSc Agriculture from Sher e Kashmir University of Agriculture Sciences and Technology, Kashmir.

Teenage boy, who has developed this site, namely Ashfaq Mehmood is only 14 years old and is a 10th class student of a private school of Rajouri. In discussion with the news now, Ashfaq said that he was unaware about computer functioning upto his 10 years of age and than he started learning functioning and working of computer.

” I started to learn about coding languages an year ago and than learnt about different coding languages including Jawa Script, PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS ” he said informing that after learning coding languages, he purchased a domain after spending 1260 rupees and than generated a site namely ‘JamKash’ and than after spending 1600 rupees, launched its application through android studio.

” I launched this website only a week ago and so far, there are 22 installations from Android Play Store and I have given world an alternate of Facebook ” Ashfaq claimed. When asked about financial sources, he said that only for two times, he got money from father for purchasing domain and than launching application from Android store. Mentioning about features of this application, Ashaq said that one can connect with friends and family and meet new people on social media network through this website and app besides sharing of photos, videos, songs and favourite memories.

” One can also play latest games, get voice search option on desktop site of JamKash and playing of songs ” he said further claiming that one can also hear audio files on 2G speed on JamKash. ” I have given an alternate of Facebook to the people and have devoted it to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and have also kept its name as JamKash which represents both Jammu and Kashmir division of state ” he added. ” I am from a middle class family and not having much financial sources ” he further mention while in discussion with GK scribe but added that he wants t o show the world that one needs will and nothing else to succeed.

When asked about his future plans, teenage boy vowed to make a website cum app where one can get phone numbers of all government offices and officers. ” My main aim with such an aim is that I can provide all the people a one stop location where they can get details, locations, phone numbers and appointments details of doctors so that people from rural areas donot have to suffer for getting details of a doctor ” he mentioned.

Sharing his plan of making an app for online shopping in Rajouri, teenage boy said that he will soon start making a such app where traders of Rajouri can go online and people can order their products from shops in Rajouri online. ” I want to put Rajouri to an online mode ” he further said. Both father and mothers of said boy, while talking to the news now, said to have proud on their child who in such a young age has developed website and social networking app.