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Political Violence – Jammu Voice


By Sumit Kr

In a democracy, violence is unacceptable. If violence becomes a legitimate tool in a democratic society to crush dissent and disagreement, it turns into a mobocracy. It results in civil unrest, political intolerance and organized friction. It creates fear and discourages people from entering the political battle. At Kannur in Kerela, the violence has been going on for years. The violence has been ceaseless and has hurt the ethos of democracy and humanism in god own’s country. The main reason of the violence has been the ideological division between the parties and groups involved. This violence perpetuated on the basis of ideological division not only militates against the spirit of Gandhian values of non-violence and morals of our civilization but it also goes against the basic idea of India, the idea that celebrates differences, diversity and dissent. The diversity does not barely encompasses religious and linguistic diversity but it extends to ideas and ideologies. Indian democracy is a very multilayered with a very complex politically diverse system. Every political party has it’s own idea on which it fights the election. The differences on base of ideology is inevitable, but if differences turn soar and translate into chilling hate crimes, it must be resisted by everyone and anyone, for not because of belief of a person in an idea or ideology but because of the simple notion that there is one fundamental idea, that supersedes every other narrative, and that is to value the life of human beings. Democracy allows diagonally opposite ideas to live and thrive in the same box, and this is why democracy is adored as the most beautiful form of government. It allows the contrarian voices to prevail and therefore, seeks to resist any sort of dictatorial policy based on the discretion of a chosen few.

The left is in power at Kerela. The Left always vows to stand for the freedom of expression and diversity but if some sort of contrarian view in it’s own bastion is muzzled through violent means, the left turns mum. This is not called as fighting for freedom of speech, it is called simple and plain hypocrisy. If the left wants to showcase it’s stand on the freedom of expression and democracy, then it must keep the political violence in check. If the left wants itself to grow , it needs to change the way it functions in the Indian Political System. The left parties need to act strictly on any sort of political violence or threat that emanates from the state where it rules. Political Violence sends a wrong signal, it muzzles the contrarian opinions, it breeds intolerance and fear and it takes away the basic accent of any independent republic.

Not only left, but every political party must abhor the use of violence as a political tool to muzzle the voices of a different party. Politics is not about social welfare and service to the people, and it does not demand violence and criminal attitude. It needs a dedicated cadre of people who are dedicated towards their duty towards the people. If they do their duty with utmost honesty, they fulfill their obligation of being a politician. Killing someone out of political compulsion may help a person in politics, but he loses the fundamental objective with which he came in politics, because one cannot indulge in public service by doing disservice to the cause of humanity.