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Tuition Mafia : When the government will take Action ? – Jammu Voice News


The state government has clarified that the teaching faculty of Higher Education department was barred from indulging in any business including teaching in private tuition or coaching centers.But gross violation of the order  is being done by the some college teachers.
A  order was issued by the Higher education department,  The order seeks to prohibit indulgence of teachers in any activity that impacts their duties and responsibility towards their students.Infact As per the sources,There are some college teachers in Jammu who openly provide  tuition in private coaching centers .Infact Students are repeatedly asked by these teachers to join their tuition classes in order to get good marks in the internal examination and practicals.Officials of the higher education department should set up some monitoring units comprising of “some confidential people” in Jammu district, to check and report about the “illegal practice” by teachers.Authorities must conduct surprise visit to the private institutions to caught them red handed.

The Cluster University of Jammu in its syllabus has mentioned certain books for the reference use by the students. However the mafia is not limited to the tuition only,There are few teachers working in a government college in Jammu,Who have published their own books and are forcing the students to buy the same and these books are not even mentioned in the syllabus as reference books.Its high time for the government to take some serious steps to stop and nab this “Mafia” which is ruining the life of students.

Copy of Govt.Order