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Since I am a Patriot from J&K | Jammu Voice



Another year got passed, since the August of 2016 to that of today and the Royal name of the thede of a billions, added another part to Her un-ending chronicle, as She became the Bharat of 2017. Primarily, the bows of a billion heads in the name of Her splendour, on the 70th year-day of Her renaissance.
Ever since the royal Bharat exempted the reliance from the outsiders to build Her own home, it was the welcome of the newer era for all Her different regions. Like its said, a newer dawn was the exchange of power from the hands of the so called foreigners to the men of soil. Despite, maybe the fragmentation of Bharat was as thought to be a way of whole sole better lives to its folk. It went on and the conclusions are well visible in the current date. Although, one region, an exception in its existence became the integral part.

This region which was kept to be the most treasured was designated to be the Pride of Bharat. Indeed, I am talking about the state of J&K. Like the most loved child of a family, favoured and proudly cognomenated to be the crown of Her. It would not be wrong, if its said that the times led to bring a drastic change since then until now, inside the entire arena of its body, in all different aspects. Resulting, a drastic change in its image infront of rest of the country or the world as such. Once the land of sages, sufis and scholars is observed to be the land of rage, violence and disruption. This land of peace and happiness, is now viewed to be of war and bloodshed. Of course, the matter concerns to the lot of residents and innates of it.
This is indeed a matter of overwhelmingness for us as the innate of the state of J&K, that we when get the exposure to the rest of the countrymen, a sense of welcoming for us with all open hearts is what we witness. This certainly explains about the view of countrymen for us , which talks about the richness of us, be it rich naturally, culturally or when they talk about the intelligence and hard working attitude of our men. Of course, the positivness is the total acceptance of us amongst them.
But, the void remains intact when we are meant to answer indubitable questions from their minds, believe me, that’s a true glimpse of what has become the true image of us in their fore. If said, not all but a rare number treat us as no less than aliens or sometimes bear doubtful eyes and then again they avoid their proximity to us. Its hurtsome too, when we are asked about our living in the state, because the question states “how have you managed to survive in a state like J&K for these long years? aren’t you scared of shoot outs, genocides, plebiscites?” and what goes through our minds is a huff to find a way of answering their question, that, its not the way it is thought to be, we live in harmony, we live in peace and the biggest reality is how proud we are to be the sons and daughters of a motherland like J&K, moreover being scared in a sacred land would be something unacceptable to our will. Talk about the education of our youngsters and a never ending doubt is what we have to answer. When people ask, “how can you study there?” “how does the institutions exist and function?” As according to the zig-zag of long lasting curfews and then climatic calamties and again the attacks. If I say, there is nothing pitiful for a student to answer such questions. Yet, answering such stuff on daily basis becomes a habit and an acceptance to the re-created image of the place of your birth.
With a total esteem, being patriot is what we have earned from our forefathers and upbringings. Ask a youngster, one question of his/her feeling for Bharat and what you observe is “Pride”, when with a total aggression and the attitude of boiling blood they say “nation is Mother, She is the Love for She is prime”. And with the same attitude, when you are perceived to be the anti of its glory, anti of the name of such a Mother, its not just acheful because it creates a never ending wound inside the walls of your heart, since you are patriot from J&K. We admit, that we have never faced the dominion, nor we have faced a harder phase for all those three centuries, but we the residents of J&K carry a flow of devotion inside our souls for the Mother, we call Her our Nation. For the triumph of Her spirit, when we send our lads, our boys who work to protect Her dignity from the hunters of Her peace. For we too celebrate the games of tears with come-back of our numb, life-less lads with the epithets of Martyrdom. Pride is what we earn with each of it.

Though, answers to a bundle of questions within the eyes are what we are in reality. A lesser state of disruption, communalism and rage. But more a state of comeliness, divinity, intelligence, happiness, love, hospitality, culture, frith and above all Jammu & Kashmir is an egregious example of “oneness in distinctiveness”.
The treatment of the nation towards us as a of a special status, a special be-handling is not the indebtedness, but is the infinite equality and un-breakable unification of us as a nation. Hence, it says, “ It hurts me when you call me by half of my name, dear children of the great Mother, call me Jammu & Kashmir and not mere Kashmir. It hurts when you call my kids with half of their identity, they aren’t mere Kashmiris, they are the mighty Dogras and Kashmiris and Sikhs and Ladakhis. I am the land of Jammu & Kashmir, the land of Dogra dynasty, the Patriot, the land of tranquility, harmony, peace and not mere of violence, disruption and war.”
On the celebration day of sovereignty of Bharat, a Happy Independence to us all.
Dr. Radhika J. Sharma.