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Natrang presents ‘Uncrowned Poet’ at Chandigarh


CHANDIGARH, July 24: Natrang Jammu under the patronage of Kuwar Viyogi Trust premiered it’s new play ‘The Uncrowned Poet’ here at the Auditorium of Lubhana Bhawan, Chandigarh.
Conceptualized, designed, scripted and directed by Aarushi Thakur Rana this presentation of the play was a part of the Kunwar Viyogi Trust’s ‘Cultural Cocktail’ which  brought together Sahitya Akademi Awardee Lalit Magotra, renowned Ghazal singer Jatinder Singh and young poet Ayushman Jamwal on a common platform.
The play ‘Uncrowned Poet’ is a dramatic portrayal of the events which transcribed in the life of the famous Dogri poet Randhir Singh Jamwal, creatively known as Kunwar Viyogi.  The performance highlights the personal trials and tribulations of an aspiring poet, a passionate lover, a benevolent brother and a loving son. Kunwar Viyogi is the embodiment of perseverance, highlighted by the enormity and inevitably of his journey from an ambitious poet who forsakes his creativity to serve his country as an Airforce Officer. The challenges of a military career failed to abstain the creative process of Kunwar Viyogi, as did the untimely demise of his parents and wife. Rather than succumbing to, what was a chain of tragic events, heartbreak and the additional responsibility of providing parental care for his younger siblings only catalysed Kunwar Viyogi’s work and elements of his hardships are clearly evident in his poetic literature. Kunwar Viyogi’s story transcends normality and exemplifies the passion of an artist, the desire of a lover and the patriotism of a service man. Much is to be learnt from Kunwar Viyogi’s journey and the man himself, a man of high morals, resiliency and self-worth. He was not only a great human being but an institution, who lived life to the fullest despite all upheavals. The Uncrowned Poet is a dedication to the creative genius of Kunwar Viyogi and a glimpse into the life of an un-sung hero of the rich and beautiful history of Jammu and Kashmir.
The artists who gave engrossing performances and won the appreciation of the audiences included Goutam Sharma, Mahikshit Singh Langeh, Ashish Parihar, Pranshu Kabra, Afaque Khan, Sanket Bhagat, Vrinda Sharma, Gauri Thakur , Aarushi  Thakur Rana, Abhi Bargotra, Bhisham Gupta, Brijesh Avtar Sharma , Jyoti Kant Sharma, Gopi Sharma, Mihir Gujral and Moses Marton. The Lights were looked-after by Brijesh Avtar Sharma and sound by Bhisham Gupta.