Home Editorials “Dogren di tee” an internet sensation from Jammu that Jammu should know.

“Dogren di tee” an internet sensation from Jammu that Jammu should know.


Urvashi Kiran Sharma has become quite a popular face on the internet. The reason of her popularity is her soulful voice which can attract anyone towards her.

While in Jammu, she had won several local competitions but the event which proved as a game changer for her was “MTV colours of youth North zone competition”. She won this competition and became a popular face in the country’s capital Delhi. People started to recognize her  and this was the time when she decided that she should start using social media as a medium to interact with her listeners. She started uploading songs on her accounts and also did shows in various colleges across India. This increased her popularity among the youth and her followers started increasing day by day.

Today she has around 29k followers on her Instagram account and her videos gets some 30-40k views on an average.

Despite all these things, she has a very deep and pure love for her “Dogra Culture”. In her Instagram videos she has sung numerous “Dogri” Songs and people of other states has loved them.

Whether it’s her shows or any other platform she never forget her roots and always try to promote our “Dogri Folk Songs” before the foreign audience.


In today’s time where our local youth don’t even speak “Dogri”, there is a girl from Jammu who is doing her best to promote our culture.

Let us all (people of Jammu) acknowledge her efforts and support Urvashi on her “Journey”.

Here are the links to her social media accounts :

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/urvashi_kiran_sharma/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC3eQgK0-qLGNniQbOwR6GQ

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Urvashi-Kiran-sharma-1443697815894915/