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Are Momos really banned in Jammu?


From the past 2 months one thing that has been the talk of the town is the recent “Momo Ban” but if you still go out for Momos in Jammu you can easily get Momos anywhere. So because of this thing a question strikes the mind of every Jammunity is “Are Momos Really Banned?”

Recently BJP MLC stated “Momo is a Killer” and supported the ban but the Indian Twitter users had some other views.

Here are some of the tweets :

Despite all this hue and cry over Momo Ban the question still prevails “Are Momos really banned?”.

If you ask the shopkeepers about this Momo Ban they will say that only Ajino Moto has been banned. But there are many Momo stalls which has been taken down by JMC over this Momo Ban issue. So we can say there is no clarity in any body’s mind regarding this “Momo Ban”.

What you guys think? “Are Momos Really Banned?”