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Malpua: Jammu’s Favourite Monsoon Food





Malpua is a popular North Indian Dessert made during festivals and special occasions. But it is specially made during monsoon in the North regions of India. Prepared with Maida and Semolina (Suji). This is a quick dessert recipe and also specially prepared during the monsoon. It is most popular dessert among the Jammuties.

The people of Jammu love to have it in the rainy day and also like to gift it to their loved ones. These small pancakes are fried in desi ghee and then dunked in sugar syrup. This Indian recipe is popular in most of the region of India, however each region has a different method of making it. These different version include ingredients like fruits, milk and even coconut. In our Jammu, the preparation is made by ingredients like milk, sugar, saffron, maida and desi ghee. This is easy and quick recipe makes soft and fluffy pancakes with crisp outer edges. If you have sudden guests coming over, worry not! just prepare this easy batter and this delightful dessert will be ready in minutes and your guests will surely be impressed. Otherwise, there are so many popular sweet shops which are famous for the malpua in our Jammu. You can easily buy your favourite monsoon recipe from the following sweet shops:

Prem Sweets, location: New Plot, Janipur Jammu
Pahalwan Di Hatti location: Gole market, Jammu
Rawalpindi Sweets location: Main market, Trikuta nagar
Bansi Di Hatti location: near Mahalaxmi Mandir, Pacca Danga Jammu
Nav Durga Sweets location: Gandhi nagar, Jammu
Pardhan Sweets & Bakers location: Sarwal, New plot Jammu
Lovely Sweet Shop location: Janipur, Jammu

You can easily prepare “Malpua” yourself. Here is the recipe from famous Youtuber ” Nisha Madhulika”.

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I Got Up From My Death Bed



BY Bhavini Sharma

When I was in class 6, I was teased for having a dark complexion. I was bullied because my height was short and because I was not that strong physically. Not only that, I also had mental health issues. I had no friends.

I feared to share all of this with my parents and gradually, this affected my growth, my confidence and most importantly, my academic performance. I started keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself. Many people found this to be an opportunity to annoy me more – on social media, in class and in the school bus. I found myself in isolation.

For me, my grades were very important. The things I had achieved from class 1 to 5 were totally gone from my mind. I lost control over myself and finally decided to end everything. Yes, I thought of committing suicide. I felt that I had nothing to do in this world and maybe God also didn’t want me to go any further.

Since I had two sisters, I thought that my parents would be happy and my absence wouldn’t matter a lot. I was in class 8 when this thought came to my mind. I was neither good in academics, nor in co-curricular activities and was hated by all. I started thinking of how to end myself. I thought of consuming rat-killers, drinking detergent, hanging myself (as seen in the movies) or stabbing myself with a knife.

Well, nothing worked for me. I felt like I was about to burst. Then, one fine day, my English teacher gave us an article to write. Considered a dumb student, I was expected to be the first to write narrate it to the whole class. I was planning a nap for another 45 minutes and this teacher wanted me to write an essay of around 100 words. With no option left, I started.

The teacher asked me to get up and narrate what I had written. My topic was – how should students of the 21st century be taught in school. As I stood up, some random students started laughing behind my back and I got nervous. But the teacher encouraged me to start. I held my breath and started speaking.

When I finished, I could see that all eyes were on me. Everybody was impressed. My teacher had never expected a child like me to write something so good. And that was the last day I felt bad about myself. A major turning point for me was when I took part in a poem recitation and bagged the first prize.

From that day onwards, I have been considered one of the most confident people in my school. I have been running a website for two years which is soon going to turn into an organisation. I have won elections in school because of my speech. I’ve been asked to conduct various workshops and I’ve won various debate competitions.

I’ve also told everything to my parents and now they support me in every walk of life. Nowadays, I am surrounded by a lot of people and I have a lot of friends.


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Basant Rath:The super Cop



By Hamid Hashmi

I love him ,You love him, everybody loves him.Because his working style is flamboyant, working capacity is excellent, his Obligation to duty is tremendous,whose personality is charismatic.Infact miraculous and his style alive with pleasant surprises.

Oh people give him the time.He had worked.He will work.See his dedication. Duty, duty and duty .He had made change, he will make change.Obey traffic rules, work in collaboration. Accept his plea.I need safety you need safety.Everyone needs safety.Purchase a helmet,wear helmet.Wear for your dear one’s.Don’t park wrong, wear seat belts, don’t receive phone calls while on driving.Make yourself proud, make him proud.Don’t make mess of his presence.He feel bad, I feel bad, everybody feels bad.

Oh people don’t hurt him. Don’t utter bad words. He feel bad, I feel bad, everybody feels bad.See his pure heart, full of virtues, see his untiring efforts, see his helping hands to needy one’s.

See the traffic cops, working day and night. They feel proud, in managing traffic, performing their duties honestly. It is only because of him.See the change, feel the change.No jams, no overloading and no music.Helmet, helmet and helmets, everywhere on roads.

Oh government, give him the time to work.You want work, I want work and everybody want’s work. His success is our success. His success is your success.That’s the whole story.Accept the Voice of pure heart.Make him feel proud.

The author is a Student Of The Law School, University Of Jammu.

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The Maldives Crisis



By Sumit Kumar

Maldives is going through a state of emergency. The emrgency was declared by the President Abdulla Yameen after the Supreme Court of Maldives ordered annulment of conviction of nine political leaders hitherto charged with terrorism and reinstatement of 12 opposition leaders in the Parliament. A rattled Yameen declared emergency that gave him sweeping powers over the Constitution. The Chief Justice and one more judge, who were the part of the chair that decreed the judgement were arrested and the government bluntly refused to acknowledge the order of Supreme Court.
After the emergency declaration, there has been calls from different quarters, including the former president of Maldives Mohammad Nasheed, who is currently in exile, for Indian intervention in Maldives. India did intervened in Maldives in 1988 to thwart a coup attempt and was successful but the repetition of the plan seems unlikely.
India has intervened in other’s affairs, be it during the 1971 war when it went on to help the Bangalis win freedom from the ruthless generals of Pakistan or in the 1980(s) when Rajiv Gandhi sent troops to Srilanka to combat the LTTE or in 1988 under Operation Cactus in Maldives. But, the situation and timing are pretty much different this time.
Maldives has a democratically elected representative, even though he is running the government in a quintessential autocratic way, the point is that he enjoys the mandate of the people according to the electoral prospectus. So, running down the government could tantamount to what U.S.A did in Syria. Syria and Maldives also represent one more common feature, that is, while Syria became the breeding-ground for ISIS terrorists during the civil-war, Maldives also accounts for most no.of terrorists per-capita that are recruited in ISIS. So, god forbids, if any such imitation of Syrian tactic happen in Maldives, given that ISIS has been waning from their strangeholds, it could be detrimental for India given the strategic importance of the country. The terrorists could use the excuse of “intervention by a predominantly HINDU STATE” to buttress their grotesque and sinister motives. It may also help the rabble-rouser, Mr. Abdulla Yameen to drum up support on jingoist and hyper-nationalist rhetoric. There’s also a significant Chinese presence in Maldives that has grown over the years and any unintended havoc on the Chinese nationals could intensify the animosity between Indo-China, that is already going through a bitter phase.
Maldives depend a lot on tourism for it’s domestic economy. What India can eventually do is that it shall try to ally with the West to put sanction on Maldives that would hurt it’s tourism sector unless it abides by the international norms and rules. Hard-diplomatic manouevere alongwith a prepared military strength should be contemplated to take any measured response as and when the time arises. Economic sanctions, apart from yielding results from the government itself, could also implore the citizens of Maldives to exhort their President to abide and listen to us. Arms and ammunitions should be used as a last resort when the situation becomes unlikely to recover.

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