The efforts of weight loss that really pay off go far beyond a fad and complex diet and exercise once in a while. It must requires a proper planning and a strong determination beyond wishful thinking.

You have probably come across several complex weight loss plans that actually make the task of weight losing difficult as well as complicated. You can achieve your weight loss goals with these simple yet powerful weight loss strategies provided you rigorously follow all the steps.You do not have to feel hungry, it just requires consistent planning and compliance.

Here are a few easy steps that will surely help you to lose weight:

1.Start Your Day With Lemon Water

Lemon water is an excellent detox drink for losing weight. Lemon juice helps your body in getting the nutrients that require to burn fat for energy and suppress weight gain. Also, being rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants, it aids in removing toxins from the body. Be sure to continue drinking lemon water even after you lose weight to help in maintain your weight.

  • Squeeze the juice of half lemon into a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Optionally, add a few drops of honey.
  • Drink this detox drink daily.


Apple cider vinegar also helps in weight loss due to its acetic acid content. It also helps your body in absorbing nutrients from the food you eat, treats digestive issues and fights infections.

  • Mix 1-2 teaspoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.
  • Drink it once daily in the evening.
  • Do not drink in excess though.

3.Replace Your Regular Tea/Coffee with Green Tea

In addition to above two, also drink green tea. It has a massive range of antioxidants that boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss. The catechins in green tea are particularly good for increasing fat burning by releasing fat from fat cells.

Replace your regular cup of tea/coffee with a cup of organic green t

ea. You can even have 2-3 cups of green tea a day.


If you seriously want to lose weight in a healthy way, then there is no escape from regular exercise and physical activity. Running of instance, is excellent for weight loss as it burns calories while you are doing it as well as afterwards.

Also, exercise helps in reduce stress, improves mood, strength and sleep quality. Most importantly, it also lowers your risk of developing chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, strokes and cancers. So, it’s better to fix a dedicated time slot in a day for your exercise regimen.

  • Do a treadmill workout for at least 25 minutes daily.
  • Alternatively, do brisk walking for at least 30 minutes in a nearby park everyday.                                            

5.Eat a Healthy Diet


A healthy yet low-calorie diet is an important part of a weight loss plan. One should include fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet, rather than filling up on empty calories from junk food.

  • Do not skip meals, especially breakfast.
  • Eliminate white flour products like white bread, pizzas, pasta and similar food from your diet.
  • Restrict your salt as well as your sugar intake (excess salt contributes to water retention that adds water weight).
  • Eat more fiber and proteins. Fiber will help you feel fuller for long and reduce cravings.
  • Opt for fresh instead of packed fruit juices laden with sugar and preservatives.
  • Eat smaller and more frequent meals.

6.Drink Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help you body flush out toxins. It is recommended to drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluids throughout the day. In addition, it aids digestion, relieves fatigue, reduce stress and improves mood. But you should keep in mind:

  • Do not drink water during or immediately after a meal as it may cause indigestion. It is best to drink water about 30 minutes after eating.
  • Eat more water rich fruits and vegetables.

                                Additionally, enjoy swimming, tennis, football and other physical activities to burn fat. You can also try yoga to relax you mind as well as body. And if possible, include some spices like black pepper, ginger, garlic and cinnamon in your daily food which boost metabolism and aid in losing weight.