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By Preeti Kashyap

Stress is inevitable — it comes creeping up from behind, sometimes when you least expect it. Stress manifests in different ways — for some it could cause hair loss or acne, some lose their sleep, some find it difficult to remember things or pay attention, so on and so forth. Knowing that you’re stressed and telling yourself that you will deal positively with it is half the battle won. There are different ways in which you can de-stress and unwind — you simply need to figure out what helps.

Make a feel-good playlist
Music has long been a saviour of sorts for many and might just be what helps you feel less anxious. Make a list of all your favourite songs, which you can listen to when you’re stressed out.

Take a short walk outside
Nothing like some fresh air to clear your mind and help you gain perspective. A walk outside — even just for a few minutes — will give you time to think things through and figure out what to do next.

Prep yourself up
Whether you’ve suddenly been told to make a presentation at the workplace, summoned to your kid’s school or have a serious discussion with your partner, give yourself about 10 minutes to figure out all possible outcomes and scenarios and how you will deal with them. This will help calm you down a bit and be more confident when the time comes.

Learn de-stressing exercises
While breathing exercises and light stretching will help release tension both from the mind and body, an effective exercise is to clench your muscles (while you inhale) and let go (as you exhale). Start with your forehead and face, and gradually move to the rest of the body. This clenching and surrendering action helps the body relax.

Give yourself a break
If work or family pressure is getting overwhelming, give yourself some time to simply stop and take a short break. Close your eyes and empty your mind of stressful thoughts. This will give your mind and body a chance to rejuvenate and deal with stress.

Watch your favourite sitcom/ movie
Laughing really is one of the best medicines when it comes to making yourself feel better. Take some time out and watch your favourite comedy TV serial or movie. Several studies say that laughing helps lower stress hormones in the body and helps you relax.

Maintain a diary
Keep a journal where you jot down things that stress you out. Write down how you feel and what you’re doing to combat feelings of anxiety and negative emotions. This will not only help you get things off your chest and cope better but also help you notice a pattern (if any) that you’ve got yourself into.

Be with people you love
Be around people who help you feel better just by their comforting presence. Spending time with people you like, helps your body release oxytocin, a chemical known to lower cortisol levels as well as blood pressure.

Have a vigorous workout session
Blow off steam with a sweaty workout session where you not only burn calories but also de-stress. Spend 30 minutes doing cardio, which will help clear your mind thanks to the endorphins that it will release in the body.
Spend some time meditating
Sitting still with no thoughts in your head is not as simple as it sounds. But keep practising and you’ll get there. Just a few minutes of meditation are excellent to lower levels of stress, anxiety and even depression.

Take a digital detox
Today, we’re so connected with technology that even an hour without checking your smartphone or laptop seems impossible. Do yourself a favour and take a break from your electronic gadgets for some time.
Spend time with a pet
If you’re animal friendly, spend some time with a four-legged friend. Dogs, especially, can sense your troubles and will instinctively know you need some cheering up. Studies have established that pets can significantly help reduce anxiety levels.

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Hijab goes mainstream as advertisers target Muslim money



The hijab – one of the most visible signs of Islamic culture – is going mainstream with advertisers, media giants and fashion firms promoting images of the traditional headscarf in ever more ways.

Last week, Apple previewed 12 new emoji characters to be launched later this year, one of a woman wearing a hijab.

Major fashion brands from American Eagle to Nike are creating hijabs, while hijab-wearing models have started gracing Western catwalks and the covers of top fashion magazines.

Many Muslim women cover their heads in public with the hijab as a sign of modesty, although some critics see it as a sign of female oppression. But there is one thing most can agree on: when it comes to the hijab, there is money to be made.

“In terms of the bottom line – absolutely they’re (young Muslims) good for business … it’s a huge market and they are incredibly brand savvy, so they want to spend their money,” said Shelina Janmohamed, vice-president of Ogilvy Noor, a consultancy offering advice on how to build brands that appeal to Muslim audiences.

Nike announced it is using its prowess in the sports and leisure market to launch a breathable mesh hijab in spring 2018, becoming the first major sports apparel maker to offer a traditional Islamic head scarf designed for competition.

In June, Vogue Arabia featured on its cover the first hijabi model to walk the international runway, Somali-American Halima Aden, who gained international attention last year when she wore a hijab and burkini during the Miss Minnesota USA pageant.

“Every little girl deserves to see a role model that’s dressed like her, resembles her, or even has the same characteristics as her,” Aden said in a video on her Instagram account.


Hijabs have also become more visible in Western advertising campaigns for popular retailers like H&M and Gap.

“Brands especially are in a very strategic and potent position to propel that social good, to change the attitudes of society and really push us forward and take us to that next step,” Amani al-Khatahtbeh, founder of online publication, said by phone from New York.

In Nigeria, a medical student has become an Instagram sensation for posting images of a hijab-wearing Barbie, describing hers as a “modest doll” – unlike the traditional version. And mothers in Pittsburgh have started making and selling hijabs for Barbies in a bid to make play more inclusive.

However, al-Khatahtbeh warned of the potential for the young Muslim market to be exploited just for profit without any effort to promote acceptance and integration.

“It can easily become exploitative by profiting off of communities that are being targeted right now, or it could be a moment that we turn into a very, very empowering one,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


Frustrated she could not find an image to represent her and her friends on her iPhone keypad, Saudi teenager, Rayouf Alhumedhi, started an online campaign, the Hijab Emoji Project.

She proposed the idea of the emoji last year to coding consortium Unicode that manages the development of new emojis, Alhumedhi said on her campaign’s website, helping to prompt Apple to create its hijab-wearing emoji.

“It’s only really in the last 18 to 24 months – perhaps three years – that bigger mainstream brands have started to realise that young Muslim consumers are really an exciting opportunity,” said Janmohamed of Ogilvy Noor.

A global Islamic economy report conducted by Thomson Reuters showed that in 2015, revenues from “modest fashion” bought by Muslim women was were estimated at $44 billion, with designers Dolce & Gabbana, Uniqlo and Burberry entering the industry.

Janmohamed, author of the memoir “Love in a Headscarf”, sees young hijabi representation in the digital communications and fashion space a step forward for tolerance.

“It feels particularly empowering for young people to see themselves represented. So today I think it is the least that consumers expect and anyone that doesn’t do it is actually falling behind.”

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Manushi crowned Miss India; J&K’s Sana Dua emerges 1st runners-up



JAMMU, June 27: Haryana’s Manushi Chhillar, a budding doctor was crowned fbb Colors Femina Miss India World 2017, while Jammu & Kashmir’s Sana Dua, a law student who believes triple talaq should be abolished was crowned 1st runners-up. Bihar’s Priyanka Kumari, an engineer by profession was declared 2nd runners-up in the most sought after beauty pageant contest held at Mumbai on scintillating Sunday evening.
Sana Dua from Jammu and Kashmir was crowned Femina Miss India 1st runners-up on glitzy evening of this Sunday at Mumbai.
Beauties from all 30 States of India, including seven-sister States of the North East participated in the contest that was stretched for thirty days during which the contestants were exposed to several fashion fiestas, taken to heritage city of Jaipur and made to interact with top models of the country.
Contestants from four zones of the country were mentored by Bollywood star Neha Dhupia, model Waluscha D’Sousa, former Miss India Parvati Omanakuttan and actor Dipannita Sharma. The event was hosted by Karan Johar and Riteish Deshmukh. Miss World, Stepha nie Del Valle, actors Arjun Rampal, Vidyut Jamwal, Bipasha Basu and Ileana D’Cruz, producer-director Abhishek Kapoor and fashion designer Manish Malhotra judged the entire event that left audiences spellbound.
Earlier Sana Dua had gone through three rigorous rounds including Modern India Round, fbb Round and Evening Gown Round before making it to fbb Colors Femina Miss India North 2017 pageant at New Delhi.
Sana Dua has done her schooling from Army Public School, Noida and the graduated from Department of Law, Punjab University. Interested in ravelling, teaching, outdoor sports like Tennis, she was earlier selected for Stars Cosmetics Best Makeover.
Vivacious, grounded and courteous, the Jammu girl got a support from her mother and says that her family had been strength for her throughout this journey.
Sana says,”my mother is the reason I could make it till here. She truly represents the woman I look up to”. She was last year judged as Campus Princess as well that led her to tread the road to Beauty Contest and wrest Femina First Runner-Up title.

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6 Tips for Healthy Skin All Summer Long



By Sundas Syed

It is easy to neglect our skin in the summer. The warmer, more humid weather means our skin isn’t as dry and itchy as it is in the winter; and the sun-kissed look of a tan can make us feel better when we look in the mirror. But the lazy days of summer don’t mean we should be lazy with our skin care regime; in fact, it means we should be even more diligent. Follow these six easy steps for gorgeous healthy skin.

1. Wear safe, non-toxic sunscreen, even on cloudy days.

The worst sunburn I ever saw was on a person who thought she could stay out for hours without sunscreen because it was overcast. The sun’s burning rays are remarkably powerful and proficient, so wear sunscreen every day. When choosing a sunscreen, look for an SPF of at least 30, if you have fair skin. But don’t be seduced by super-high SPF numbers because their incremental sun protection diminishes as SPF increases, especially at higher levels. Many sunscreens with SPF from 50 to 100, for example, effectively block just 1-2% more sunburn rays than an SPF 30 products. Regardless of which SPF you choose, you should reapply often (ideally every 90 minutes), and always after swimming.

2. Avoid tanning beds.

We now know that tanning beds are linked to cancer and are no safer than the actual sun, so think carefully about the risks you expose yourself to when you go to a tanning salon. If you really want some summer skin color, avoid tanning beds and choose a safer option, such as self-tanning towels and lotions. Be sure to check the ingredients label to ensure the base formulation is safe and non-toxic (avoid methylparaben and synthetic perfume).

3. Exfoliate at least once a week, ideally twice.

Dead cells sit on the surface of your skin making it look dull, rough and dry. By exfoliating, you are removing these dead cells, allowing your more radiant, healthier summer skin to shine through. Exfoliating also allows skin cells to regenerate more quickly, which keeps aging at bay. Whenever possible, choose a gentle, more natural exfoliator. Some “fruit acid” exfoliators such as alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid (AHA and BHA) can actually be very harsh and cause significant irritation. Choose products with natural exfoliating grains instead.

4. Moisturize your skin

In the summer it is tempting to ease up on moisturizing because your skin may not feel as dry. But good moisturizers work over time, promoting healthy skin with consistent use. We don’t stop eating well or exercising in the summer, so we shouldn’t stop taking care of our skin. If you do happen to get a sunburn, act fast to mitigate the negative effects by moisturizing liberally and often with a lotion containing aloe vera. This will keep the burned skin well hydrated, and it will help to soothe the discomfort.

5. Have lots of summer fun, but don’t skimp on sleep.

Lack of sleep can lead to increased levels of stress hormones, which may slow the production of collagen in the skin. When our skin stops producing collagen, it begins to lose elasticity and starts looking tired and worn.

6. Drink lots of water.

Drinking water benefits how well your body functions and ultimately affects how your skin looks and feels. For example, proper hydration helps flush toxins from your body. When toxins build up, they cause organs such as your kidneys to work less efficiently, which has a direct impact on your skin. Sip water through out the day and consider following the 8 x 8 rule: drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water every day.

Following these simple tips will not only make your skin look and feel better, they will make YOU look and feel better.


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